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2022 In Review & What To Expect In 2023

6 February 2023

ALTEA’s perspective on the business & regional aviation markets.

Read the ALTEA team’s insights covering business and regional aviation with a 2022 retrospective and a look ahead to 2023.

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Business Aviation > 

Pre-owned business aircraft

Market shift in 2022:
Global inventory of business jets for sale has been on a constant upward trajectory
Supply and demand for business jets:
>  Consensus in the industry that demand will continue to slow down due to a number of underlying factors
Business jet manufacturer backlogs
Changing market conditions:
>  ALTEA predict that more pre-owned business jets will come to market, however demand may lessen as some newcomers to business aviation may cut their travel expenses.
Back to normal or a new normal?
>  A shift away from a heavily demand driven market
>  Signs that the market is cooling

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Andrew Butler >
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Completion & Design > 

OEMs will lead the way:
>  Boeing BBJ Max resolves its challenges.
>  ACJ market looks buoyant for 2023-24.
>  Gulfstream and Bombardier coping with delivery backlogs, and together with Dassault readying new products for launch.
Supply chain delays:
There is a backlog of orders and some frailty in the economic forecast due to global challenges.
How to prepare for the upcoming maintenance of an aircraft:
>  ALTEA recommend owners start the process as early as 12 months ahead of the aircraft’s maintenance slot.
>  ‘Plan properly for peak performance’.
Suppliers rise to the sustainable challenge:
There is global demand for ‘cleaner’ ingredients to produce materials.
>  2023 has potential for many new sustainable materials to really get a foothold.
Designers, sharpen your pencils:
>  ALTEA have been dreaming up future cabin interiors with plush décor and enviable luxury that utilise sustainable products and materials.

Contact: Robin Dunlop >
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Regional Aviation > 

The future of sustainable aviation:
> The objective to reach net zero by 2050 has become the greatest challenge that confronts air transport.
Imposing regulation to restrict air travel is a necessary pathway to net zero.
What insights can ALTEA explain?
New technology developments for next generation aircrafts.
>  The risk of new technology and their respective OEMs.

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