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2021 In Review & What To Expect In 2022

17 January 2022

ALTEA’s perspective on the business & regional aviation markets.

Read the ALTEA team’s insights covering business and regional aviation with a 2021 retrospective and a look ahead to 2022.

Business Aviation reportCompletion & Design reportRegional Aviation report

Business Aviation > 

Pre-owned business aircraft:
>  An unprecedented demand for pre-owned aircraft and an uptick in prices.
New business aircraft:
>  G400 & G800: Bombardier dreamt it; Gulfstream made it!
>  Falcon 6X & Falcon 10X: The awakening of Falcons.
>  Light to super mid-size jets – beyond the Challenger 3500, HondaJet 2600, Citation M2 Gen2, XLS Gen2 and CJ4 Gen2: the next space to watch?

Contact: Jean Sémiramoth >
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Completions & Design > 

Active market despite supply-chain issues:
>  Jet Aviation and Greenpoint deliver 787 ‘firsts’.
Inspired design concepts:
>  Dassault shows great potential and ACJ TwoTwenty creates its own niche.
>  Innovation, sustainability and new markets create a positive outlook for cabin interiors.

Contact: Robin Dunlop >
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Regional Aviation > 

Regional aircraft recovery:
Domestic markets are leading the way.
Reduced capacity in place of larger single-aisle aircraft.
Widely predicted value declines are largely theoretical:
Very few distressed sales of used aircraft have occurred.
The carbon footprint of all aircraft is increasingly taking centre stage:
>  Turboprops have lower emissions than equivalent jets so watch Embraer’s next move in 2022.
Expect more orders for A220 and Embraer E2 Crossover jets in 2022:
Both provide the lower capacity the market requires at best in class fuel consumption and therefore emissions.

Contact: Angus von Schoenberg >
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